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Anie Automazione

ANIE Automazione, Italian Association for Industrial Automation, is part of ANIE Federation and represents Italian companies providing technologies for industrial automation, process and networks. More than 100 member companies represent a network committed to supporting and promoting the technological excellence of the sector.

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Arbor Italia

Arbor project and realize rugged tablets, smartphones, industrial PCs and boards for IOT, automation and automotive. The refined know-how and the production capability, let ARBOR to offer to their customers products with a high technological content and competitive costs, to satisfy all their requirements. ARBOR is partner of Wistron and Mediatek in tablet production. Thanks to this, it can quickly design and produce big quantities of OEM/ODM products for its customers.

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Since 1996 Digimax is the Italian reference point in the supply of Power Supplies, LED Products, Industrial PC Displays and Industrial Components thanks to a solid partnership with selected primary suppliers that have a price of a large stock of products at competitive prices. The MISSION of Digimax is to provide the customer with integrated solutions with a fast and efficient service at the best quality-price.

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HomeGrid Forum



Since 1981 Jampel delivers Industrial Hi-Tech Products to provide Integrable Solutions to the Industrial and to the Critical Infrastructures Markets Jampel’s actvity besides logistic operations includes: Technical consult, Integration support, After-sales assistance and Customers Training. Since 2004 Jampel is distributor of MOXA who is a leader in Industrial Networking.

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Mc’Tronic è specialista nelle tecnologie di visualizzazione e dei sistemi embedded.
L’attività dell’azienda nella distribuzione di componenti elettronici, in particolare le linee prodotti Display, SBC e Sistemi Embedded, si è evoluta con successo negli anni attraverso la ricerca e lo sviluppo, verso la commercializzazione di sistemi e soluzioni personalizzate, grazie all’elevato know how tecnico delle proprie risorse umane.
IOT è l’ecosistema in cui Mc’Tronic sta investendo e si sta orientando.

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Il primo distributore indipendente italiano di componenti elettronici.

Con oltre 50.000 articoli, la divisione componenti elettronici si profila come il primo distributore indipendente di componenti elettronici in Italia. Grazie ad alleanze solide con i migliori produttori a livello mondiale, Melchioni riesce a soddisfare le esigenze dei propri clienti offrendo un servizio rapido ed efficace, elastico, improntato alla massima collaborazione

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Mouser Electronics

Open Fiber

Open Fiber is developing a high-speed electronic fiber optic communication network throughout the country, to speed up the digitalizations of the Country and the evolution towards “Industry 4.0” .The Open Fiber FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network, which arrives directly into the homes and offices with a 1 Gbps speed, is able to provide increasingly advanced services and features for citizens, businesses and the Public Administration.

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Open Gate Italia


Pwm Semiconductors




Selezione di Elettronica


Sielte, fondata nel 1925, si è specializzata nella manutenzione di infrastrutture complesse, abilitate dall’IoT e dal Cloud Computing. La società da anni si propone come protagonista per il cambiamento digitale, investendo su soluzioni IoT sia in ottica Industria 4.0 che Smart City e mirando a fornire servizi che migliorino la qualità di vita e di lavoro dei propri clienti. Sielte ha elaborato componenti e applicazioni che, mettendo a valore i dati, riescono a semplificare l’IoT.

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Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is a pioneer in the Internet of Things that enables businesses and industries to transform and thrive in the connected economy.

Sierra Wireless has the expertise, a fully integrated device-to-cloud platform, and partners to simplify building your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to power tomorrow’s world. Start with Sierra!

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SPHINX was founded in 1989 and grew up to one of the biggest Pan-European Distributors for data- communication.
The group has sales offices in 8 countries and became one of the leading European trade suppliers in his sector.

All SPHINX subsidiaries offer project-orientated solutions to customers throughout Europe. We carry products for the majority of the markets.
We are partners in Europe with leaders on the M2M-IoT market as Sierra Wireless, Kerlink, Advantech, Digi…

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Varta Microbattery

The VARTA brand stands for the highest quality and reliability worldwide.
Found under the roof of VARTA AG, the subsidiary VARTA Microbattery is the international innovation leader in the microbattery sector which offers high-end and technology leading power supplies in the areas of Wearables, Hearables, Medical, as well as IT/Communications, Industrial and Consumer.

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Via Technologies

VIA Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in the development of highly-integrated embedded platform and system solutions for AI, IoT, computer vision, autonomous vehicle, healthcare, and smart city applications. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high-tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia. Its customer base includes the many world’s leading hi-tech, telecommunications, consumer electronics industry brand names.

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