A Smart Implementation for Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things is demanding high computing load at cloud level and the distance between the client and the cloud computing create latency and privacy issue. Data are required to:

1. Increase the efficiencies in the manufacturing cost while enabling high customization even for low quantities lot. (Industry 4.0)
2. Profile the energy consumption of the “home” and suggest to the end user the profile he shall use in order to save cost on energy.
Also devices already in the field need to be connected to the cloud without requiring a complete replacement.

VIA has developed technologies to address those two topics:

1. Multi-port smart Ethernet switch required to connect multiple CNC/PLC equipment and report to the cloud only the “fundamental” data required. This solution allow the end user to keep “privacy” on his data because the data are locally. At the same time it reduce the latency in the response time because the “decision” are made at “edge” level (Edge Computing also known as Fog Computing).
2. Multiprotocol Router to control and profile the usage of energy in the home and recommend improvements to the end users to reduce cost of energy. At the same time, the solution enable security and can reduce the cost of damage through an early notification that can be sent by the home. With this solution the insurance can provide discount on their annual cost due to reduction of damages.